Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One More Hurdle....

Last night we passed a huge hurdle in getting approval from the Planning and Zoning Board. We have one last hurdle on March 16th. This will be the final approval we will need from the Board of Commissioners.

It was an eventful evening, though I'm not completely sure the board understood the "eggmobile thing" or how the processing of chickens works on a small farm. I guess that is why it is important to be transparent so people can see firsthand how it works. I know several years back that I didn't understand that either. We are very blessed to have friends from Coweta County step up last night and speak on behalf of our farm. A BIG thank you to Gary Wallace, Pastor Brent Anderson and Homer Allen for their support!

Late Nights Planting Seedlings....

Over the past three nights, we have planted over 720 seedlings. Folks, this has taken over 7 hours. I think it would be much easier to just drop a seed in the ground and hope for the best. But in our process, we germinate the seeds so that we're assured of a good germination rate and less seed waste. After germination comes the tedious task of planting every sprout in starter mix, the longest part of the whole process. After getting the little guys planted, we need heat and good light. We have a metal halide light that gives off a full spectrum of light similar to the sun and gives us the required heat the plants need at the same time.

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