Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Everything Is Coming To A Head....

Within the next two weeks we will be installing an irrigation well, ordering irrigation supplies, hosting two workshops, planting more vegetables, and getting the chickens into their new home. To say it's busy right now is an understatement.

The other, very important thing on the to-do list will be taking Maddux to the farm this weekend. He will be introduced to his new home with the chickens and will be their protector for years to come. Maddux may struggle just a bit due to staying near the house by us for the last three weeks. He is going through a semi rebellious stage right now, kinda like a teenager, were he will do what you ask only after he whines and complains first. (Actually, it's very funny and we have to video and post it.)

Finished the "Eggmobile"...

Thanks in large part to my father-in-law Gene, we were able to complete the "Eggmobile" last weekend. We put in the roosting area, added screen to the windows for air circulation and added a ramp. Adam, a good friend of ours, is coming over to clean all of the left over trash from the Air Stream gutting this afternoon. This will clear the way for us to move it and get ready for the "new residences" coming this weekend. We will get the electric poultry netting (we bought from Kencove) set up around the "eggmobile" as well, along with the waterers and feeders on Saturday (as long as they come in on time)

50 lb capasity feeders we ordered. Picture from Stromberg's website.

In a week or so, we will be ordering our heritage turkeys. We're very excited about having turkeys without antibiotics or hormones, that can reproduce and have such a better flavor than a store bought, factory produced, big breasted white turkey. Whew! We'll get the chickens out of the brooder box and the turkeys will be right behind them!

. Picture Source: www.culinaryschoolrockies.com

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