Sunday, February 28, 2010

I need a weekend to recover from my weekend...

Well they don't call it back breaking work for nothin'.  Scott and I (and some very generous helpers) worked our tails off the last two days on the farm.  Almost 1000 lbs. of soil amendments went down (by hand), fields were plowed and tilled, and expanded metal flooring was installed into the eggmobile.

Saturday we added several soil amendments into our three plots to increase boron, potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen.  All by hand using two milk jugs. 

We worked on the Airstream a little more to prepare it for the flooring.  It needed a final sweep down to remove all of the small particles and fiberglass before the expanded metal flooring could be installed. 

Then Pastor Brent stopped by and dropped off a 50 gallon container of spoiled tomatoes - a.k.a. nitrogen for our compost pile.

Sunday my dad and Scott installed the new floor for the eggmobile.  It looks great and is incredibly sturdy.  We'll install roosting beams next weekend and seal off any holes so the chicks can be in their new home by mid March.

Farmer Mark Hess stopped by mid day to plow and till our fields.  We were very happy to see how much black dirt turned up after he plowed through it.  Onions and radishes will go in the ground in a couple days.

I have to say, it truly is a blessing to have family and friends that are willing to help out!  Especially when it's manual labor.   

And I have to mention the dog house that my dad built for's pretty fancy.  The kids definitely broke it in for him. 

I'm sure Maddux will also love it as much as the kids.  But for now, he's claimed a certain pine tree as his napping spot.

Scott chopped down a few sweet gum branches with the boys to inoculate with Shitake and Oyster mushrooms in a couple weeks.

To top it all off, we had a visit from a family of Canadian geese.  They tend to fly back and forth from our lake to a neighbors lake.  It sounds so cool when they land in the water.

Please keep us in your prayers this week.  Our hearing with the zoning department is this Tuesday evening. 


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  1. Hope you'll update on the hearing right away... We will pray! Everything is so beautiful! What a great place to farm!

    Would love to see what your planting calendar looks like, even if it is just 'as you go'... As always, enjoy keeping up with what you guys are doing!