Monday, June 22, 2009

You don't have to be weird to be an Organic Farmer...

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You ever notice that a majority of the YouTube videos, documentaries, research papers, lectures, books and so on that are about "sustainable organic farming" have an evolutionary, earthy, holistic, activist undertone to them. I would be the first to agree that there is quiet a bit of good information in all of these things. But is "sustainable organic farming" slightly tarnished in the minds of regular, church going folks that they tend to stay away, fearing they will be supporting the non-belief in creation. I worry that these good folks have seen the activist, evolutionary side and decide they would rather buy from the grocery store than contribute to crazy "Darwin disciple farmers".

But we are all not like that. My wife and I are Christians. We believe that there is a right and wrong way to farm and that God has in place a natural solution to every problem. That synthetic chemicals are never the solution to a natural problem. We are doing this because it is better for our children and ourselves. Better for our environment. Better for the community.

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If this model can be seen by regular, church going folks, I think they will be more open to try it, buy into it and support it. Because really, what we are selling is nothing more than honesty and integrity. That's it. What you see is what you get. There is no man behind the curtain. No secret doors you can't look into. It's all out front.

To give you an example of what I'm talking about, my wife and I were watching a Podcast last night. It was something about organic farming. Well a young, "Darwin disciple farmer" was in a meeting room talking to other people about his farm and then said "I look outside every morning, look across our landscape and thank our lucky stars and want to shake the hands of fate, for getting us where we are." What?? I looked at my wife and just shook my head. No doubt about it, as Christians we need to reach out to people like that in a loving way, showing them with our actions and our speak, God's view. But, this is the loudest message being spoken right now. We have to change this mindset. We need the Joel Salatin's of the world to come on out of there shell and speak up.

Do I believe there is a revolution coming? Yes. In the way of eating and buying local and pushing away from conventionally grown food that is bad for you and traveled more than the average person ever will in a life time. People will vote with there hard earn dollar but need to be educated first to understand the "whys?". So, for the Jesus loving "sustainable organic farmers" out there, keep pushing ahead and speak loud. People will listen.

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"When we exist without thought or thanksgiving [To God] we are not men, but beasts..."

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