Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Walk In Our Garden....

Just an update on what's growing in the garden right now.

Some of the tomatoes are getting big. Haven't weighed them, but if I had to guess right now, these guys weigh over a pound a piece. These are Virginia Sweets, a red and yellow striped variety.

These are Ding Wall Scotties. First time growing these. It is a small to medium size red. They grow in clusters. Nice.

These two pictures are of the Costoluto Genovese, a ribbed, red Italian heirloom. They look funky, but I hear the taste is very rich. Can't wait.

This is Isis Candy. It is supposed to be a cherry, but because the soil is so rich it is more like a small tomato. Had our first one last night. Very sweet.

Zephyr squash growing on the vine. It is a bush variety with excellent disease resistance and great flavor. Highly recommend.

Honey Bear acorn squash. Haven't tried it yet, but the word on this one is it is very sweet.

Confection winter squash. Haven't tried this one either. I believe this one is near harvest though.

The remarkable Sun Jewel melon. I posted in an earlier blog about this little beauty. It was left for dead, in fact I thought it was, but it came back to a roar. this thing is everywhere. Melons are almost ready.

Savor, a French "Charentais" melon, is near harvest. This is supposed to be a true winner in reference to the flavor and sweetness. Can't wait to taste.

Diva cucumbers grow like weeds. Unreal cucumber flavor. Good disease resistance.

Sweet potatoes growing incredibly well. Three varieties growing here, Georgia Jets , Beauregards and Vardaman, which is a bush variety.
Well I would show you a picture of my corn, but it is buried under three foot of compost. Yeah, those darn squirrels. They did a Mission Impossible and somehow got though the closed in fence, (which I could barely get into myself, and I have opposable thumbs) stripped the tiny cobbs that had just started to get big, and left a box full of destruction.

Quote from the Bible with explanation from www.biblicalresearchreports.com/farming.php:

Genesis 3:23 "Therefore the LORD God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken".
  • The first occupation was farming.
    Farming is an occupation that is commissioned by God. It is essential for life. Therefore, it is important that as farmers we view our job as a very essential and important job. We must not merely have a focus on making money and increasing production, but rather have a focus on producing quality crops and food that will provide the nourishment for life and health that others need.
    The word "till" means "to work, serve, labor". All farming requires labor and often lots of it.
    It is interesting that God mentions the ground from which man was taken.
    It is important that we keep in the front our minds as farmers that we still come from the ground today. Everything we eat ultimately comes from the ground. Therefore our bodies become whatever quality the quality of the soil is. If it is poor soil, our bodies will not be as strong and healthy as if the soil is very fertile and full of nutrients. Often the focus of being healthy is placed on eating right. But the real focus for health must be placed on building up the soil and making it very fertile. Rich, fertile soil is not only important for increased production; it is necessary for increased health. Eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables that are commercially grown in impoverished soils is not near as healthy for us as eating fresh fruits and vegetables that are grown in rich fertile soil.


  1. Very nice set up. What do you do to get those kind of results.

  2. It is all about having good soil. Lots of organic matter and microorganisms. A little fish emulsion/sea kelp also help.