Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Growing Power visit.....

For starters, I think what Will Allen and company are doing up there in Milwaukee is quite remarkable. I took a visit up there a few weeks ago volunteering one day and then taking a workshop the next two. It was a great experience. They have aquaponics systems that are extremely basic, yet are just as effective as one 100's of thousands more. Producing 10's of thousands of Tilapia and Yellow Perch a year while growing all different types of salad greens, tomatoes, etc..

It amazes me how many people are finding out about what he is doing and how he is doing it. His organization is very transparent and you are free to walk around and see just about everything going on. Hence the reason the workshops near 100-150 each time.

I was most impressed with his staff. Most of them college grads starting out, but dedicated and loyal with a sense of responsibility that you don't find in people in the early to mid 20's. I watched as 8 pm approached and our workshop was about over. We were getting ready for dinner there and most of his staff still working hard, cleaning and packing eggs gathered from the hen house a few hours before.

I recommend taking a trip to one of the workshops. You will work but you will learn more than just sitting around watching. As quick as they have grown, there were a few kinks in the system. But nothing a little patience would overcome.

I find it appropriate that the quote of the day come from Will Allen. This one was just to easy.

Growing Power Manifesto-

"I am a farmer. While I find that this has come to mean many other things to other people – that I have become also a trainer and teacher, and to some a sort of food philosopher – I do like nothing better than to get my hands into good rich soil and sow the seeds of hope."

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