Wednesday, June 17, 2009


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It seems to be a topic that comes up quiet a bit now that the economy is so bad. Where do you buy seeds? That is pretty much the "How do I get started ?" question. Well, I use a few different sources, but mainly Johnny's seeds. They have been very reliable. I have very good germination rates and if I have problems they are quick to issue a credit.

I'm proud to say that this year I have produced all of my vegetables from seed. Never happened before. I would always start some and be tempted by the "Pikes/Home Depot" offerings and supplement what I haven't grown. Not this year, grew a lot of extra plants to be double sure I could do it all myself.

Camron showing the dogs around the garden.

Their is a child like thrill to all of this. Seeing the seeds germinate. Watching them grow (or die, due to some knuckle headed thing I have done or not done) and knowing I'm in control of all things green (of course with prayer, because are we really in control?) growing in my containers. When February gets here, I'm so excited. It's a new start. No matter how bad you did the year before (or how good), you get a fresh slate. You start with no problems. Optimism abound!
(Man it's early!)

By the way, I have left the trailers and movie down at the bottom by request.

"Like a gardener I believe what goes down must come up."
Lynwood L. Giacomini

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