Monday, June 29, 2009

The Cucumber Days of Summer....

The production factory!

It starts about now every summer that we start the influx of volume vegetables(especially cucumbers). My wife and I start looking up recipes to get creative with what excess we have so that we are not gagging everytime we look at a overflowing vegetables on the counter. I guess this is a good problem to have and certainly God has blessed our garden this year, no doubt!

Mason with a 1 1/2 pounder!

This year, even though we are not officially on the farm, we are going to let the boys sell vegetables in the neighborhood. I think it will give them a sense of ownership and a little excitement about farming (I hope, maybe a pipe dream). Then later they can sell eggs and when our hens start laying.

"How much evil throughout history could have been avoided had people exercised their moral acuity with convictional courage and said to the powers that be, 'No, I will not. This is wrong, and I don't care if you fire me, shoot me, pass me over for promotion, or call my mother, I will not participate in this unsavory activity.' Wouldn't world history be rewritten if just a few people had actually acted like individual free agents rather than mindless lemmings?" — Joel Salatin (Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal)

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  1. Shoot, if I lived in Georgia i'd take some off your hands. My wife and I love cucumbers!