Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chicken Tractor's Almost Done....

Well, thanks to my father-in-law Gene, our chicken tractor is almost done. I know he probably gets tired of the term, but he is MacGyver. Not only is he MacGyver, but he loves punishment. We have, for the last two Saturdays worked in near 100 degree heat and the fact that he is working with me (Psst..I have minimal building skills) makes it even tougher. As far as the tractor goes, all that needs to be finished is the roof and sides, with the details in between. It should be finished this coming Saturday.

Picture Source: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3140/2603371687_c068b9bfc2.jpg

Finally, to get the chickens out of the garage and let them be real chickens. I'm tired of the flies and wood shaving all over the garage floor. I know my wife is tired of it. It will be nice for them to eat grass and bugs as a supplement to there feed everyday, even though they eat like royalty now.

I think our oldest two are around 12 weeks now. So, 8-10 weeks and we should be getting eggs. Pullet eggs mind you (smaller eggs until the chickens mature), but still eggs! Can't wait.


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