Friday, May 14, 2010

Fruits and Vegetables Most At Risk Of Pesticide Contamination...

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I was reading a chart put out by The Organic Center and thought it would be a great thing to post. Most of us don't really understand how much of our foods are contaminated with pesticides and how dangerous it is to consume, especially for children. This is one more motivating reason to buy organic/natural foods. Know your farmer!

Print this chart (link above) and post it on your fridge.

Fruits and vegetables on the most contaminated list domestically:

Peaches                  Green Beans
Cranberries             Celery
Strawberries            Potatoes
Pears                       Peas
Apples                     Bell Peppers
Cantaloupe               Tomatoes
Cherries                   Lettuce
Nectarines               Cucumbers

Fruits and vegetables on the most contaminated list that are imported:

Peaches               Broccoli

Grapes                Celery
Strawberries       Green Beans
Pears                   Peas

Apples                 Bell Peppers
Cantaloupe         Tomatoes
Cherries              Lettuce
Nectarines          Carrots

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