Friday, April 9, 2010

Volunteer Weekends Start This Saturday...

Do you like breathing fresh air, making new friends, hearing the chicken's excitement as they head to new pasture, or just plain working up a sweat outside? Well, you’re in luck!  Volunteer Farm Opportunities for this Saturday, 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm. Please call Nicole to sign up if you are interested (678) 481.3367.

Address to the farm:
237 Emory Phillips Rd,
Sharpsburg, GA 30277

Jobs for this Saturday:
- Working in the hoophouse transfering seed to trays

- Measure off and mark remaining rows

- Till remaining rows

- Move compost to tilled areas

- Add coffee and granite dust to tilled areas

- Plant in the field

- Cut and install row covers

- Help move the electric fence to new pasture for the chickens/watering and feeding (One of the best jobs on the farm!)

We will have cold water and snacks available, we just need you!


  1. This is awsome guys, I can't believe you did not share this with the Gomez family any sooner. We would love to help with the dream. We love you guys and can't wait to be a part of this farm dream!!! I can plan a little field trip and have my travel baseball team pitch in, something besides baseball. Take care and God bless!!!!!

  2. Thanks Alvin! Very cool. We will be posting the times and dates for volunteering, so just let us know.