Monday, April 5, 2010

Hard Work, No Rest But Productive Weekend...

I heard somewhere that it was spring in Georgia. I don't think the calendar is working right this year. I've shook it, replaced the batteries and it still doesn't work. IT IS SUMMER BY GOSH! Georgia only has three seasons, regardless of what some may tell you, summer, fall and winter with a tease of spring dashed in. 

Tilling the first row Friday morning with the new tiller.

This last weekend, we worked under some very hot temperatures and managed to get quite a bit done. (A big thank you to Gene and Linda Marshall for donating a brand new tiller, which we put to use immediately.) So far we have tilled 800 ft, planted 182 tomato plants (around 40 varieties), 400 bi-color sweet corn seeds and around 100 pepper plants (around 20 different varieties). 

Planting our first row of tomatoes with plenty of compost and amendments.

This week will be equally as busy as I will be tilling after work and Nicole will be planting squash, melons and cucumbers in those rows the next day. She will also be planting more tomato seedlings in trays later this morning so we can stagger the harvest a bit as well as starting more herb trays. 


The chickens are finally getting into a routine. They know every morning the "Eggstream" door will open to fresh grass and bugs and every night they will go back in to roost. We only have one or two chickens a night that, for whatever reason, decide to stay under the Eggstream with the ducks. Maybe they think they're ducks. Who knows! At least we have Maddux there to make sure nothing happens.


  1. WOW. You have been busy. Here in Wyoming, our calendar isn't working either. But our problem isn't heat, it's snow!

  2. Believe it or not, we have also had our share of snow this year. Probably the strangest weather I have ever seen.

    Hope it heats up for you guys. We would love to give you some of our warm temps!