Monday, March 22, 2010

The Workshop Weekend....

The official 180 Degree Farm workshop weekend hit the ground running over the weekend. What a great time and experience with so many new friends! It took three months of planning and I never thought it would get here. I can tell you Nicole and I still are tired from all of the work, late nights and early mornings. It will be good to get a small break and then back to farming.

I thought Jay Salinas was wonderful. We are so glad that he could be a part of the inaugural workshop weekend. When we asked Jay to be involved in this, he was excited from the start. I knew from seeing him in previous workshops at Growing Power that he was very good at communicating with participants and that was just as important as his skill set to us. Getting people involved and making them feel a part of a team builds comradery and the total learning experience. Boy did he deliver. I believe, from talking with everyone, that the workshop experience was a great one. (BTW, the networking to me, was just as good.)

Just as important to us is that attendees go away with a new skill set that they hopefully will use. Having a high tunnel/hoophouse is a wonderful way to extend growing seasons and can be done in a small or large footprint.

The composting/vermicomposting workshop went equally well. We had the occassional rain shower and brisk wind but we made it. I was very excited that the attendees could see how simple it really is to make good, healthy soil. Making soil from what would other wise be trash is great for the environment and makes you feel warm and fuzy inside (well maybe just a little bit). Thanks to all the folks involved in making this a success.


"The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual."

Vince Lombardi

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