Saturday, February 13, 2010

Meet Maddux...

It's shocking how fast the chicks have grown.  You would think we were feeding them some sort of steroid laced super food!   Although we lost a total of 8 chicks and 3 ducks in the first week, we've had zero fatalities this last week, and all appear very healthy.  In fact, we're going through 50 lbs. of food a week for 162 chicks and 7 ducks.  The ducks grow much faster than the chickens.  They are almost 2 times the size of the chicks, however their wings are 1/2 the size - it looks very awkward in comparison.

I really enjoy the Ameracaunas and how their markings have changed.  When they first arrived, they had a chipmunk stripe down their back.  Now, they remind me of a hawk - very regal and almost predator like.

Well, as the chickens are getting bigger, we must plan for their permanent home and for their guardian.  We have coyotes in the area and recently one killed a friend's dog a few miles away.  Which brings me to our newest farmer, Maddux, who will arrive next weekend.  Scott plans to pick him up after the Georgia Organics Conference in Athens. 

A few months ago, we visited Nature's Harmony Farm in Elberton to attend Farm School.  While we were there, we spent some time with the farm's livestock dogs.  They just had puppies a few weeks before.  The dad, Jethro, is a Great Pyrenees and mom is an Anatolian Sheppard.  Although mom was busy feeding the pups, but we were able to see how Jethro "worked" the farm.  What a phenomenal dog!  So when some of their puppies came up for sale, we jumped on it. 
Over the next several weeks, we'll introduce Maddux to the chicks and the farm and teach him the ropes.  It will definitely be a learning experience for all of us, but I'm sure a lot of fun too! 

Yesterday we had a rare dusting of 3" of snow (I say dusting, because I used to live in upstate NY), but it has melted and tomorrow's high should be 49 degrees.  Perfect weather for continuing work on the airstream!


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