Friday, February 19, 2010

Maddux's first day on the job...

We picked up Maddux a little earlier than planned.  Yesterday the boys, my parents and I made the trek up to Elberton to get him in advance of the GO Conference.  Even though Nature's Harmony was busy preparing for farm tours the next day, Liz spent as much time as I needed talking about Maddux (and his parents) and even let the boys play with the baby lambs.  I caught a priceless picture of Maddux kissing one of them.

Considering Maddux has never been in a car or on a leash, we've had a really easy couple of days with him.  He moaned quite a bit on the way home, but with each car ride he gets more comfortable.  In fact on the last ride he got out of the truck himself.  Which I'm very happy about, because picking up a 53 lb. squirming dog is not very easy for me. 

We took him out to the farm today and let him run free while my dad and I worked on the airstream some more.  Maddux loved it!  As an insurance policy, we hooked a long rope to him and let it drag behind him. This way we could have something to grab in case he went too far.  He stayed right in his territory and got a lot of exercise chasing the boys.  So much exercise that he's been in the same spot for the last 3 hours...

Regarding the airstream, my dad and I (mostly my dad) were able to get the last bench and water tank out and remove all of the pipes and wire.  Sunday we plan to rip out the old floor and hopefully by next weekend we'll put in the new grate floor and seal up the holes on the roof. 

Meanwhile...Scott's enjoying the GO conference in Athens and he'll have plenty to share when he get's back.   


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