Sunday, July 12, 2009

Squash a bust...well, somewhat...

I have really had a disappointing year with respect to squash. We have had an OK harvest, but it seems every plant this year (with the exception of two) has had a squash vine borer. This stinks because as I'm dreaming of some great squash casseroles, grilled Cajun squash or roasted candy confection winter squash, the vines start to wilt.

I have a crop of butternut squash that I started about a month ago. This replaced my squirrel infested corn (that's a whole 'nother blog) which I eventually pulled out late May/early June. Well nothing has happened to the butternuts yet, so I doused the vine and stem in neem oil and will continue everyday to prevent any damage. I just pray that they withstand the dreaded vine bore.


A farmer is always going to be rich next year.

- Philemon

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  1. Those squash borers are hard to stop once they get going. Good luck. BTW, nice blogs last week. Very good subjects.