Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just had to post this ......

Some very happy chickens.

So among all the busyness of Saturdays with the continuation of "Chicken Tractor Construction 101" and selling our vegetables, a very cool thing happened. I decided to take the chickens over to the compost pile. I had been there earlier turning it when I discovered soldier fly larvae. So since there were so many, I took the chickens out of the pin and herded them toward the compost.
Getting ready for a bath.

Well as soon as they got to the compost pile is was "on like Donkey Kong". The ate until they were fat and happy. They ended up migrating to my herb bed and where they had a dirt bath. This was the cool part as they were so content. So I recorded it for your enjoyment.

Ginger: So laying eggs all your life and then getting plucked, stuffed and roasted is good enough for you, is it?
Babs: It's a livin'.
From the movie "Chicken Run". I thought appropriate for today.


  1. Hey, Have you heard that they used to use Hav's to heard chickens? I was wondering how Bogie and Bella reacted to them. Cool blog and I love your farm endeavor. I have always wanted to do something like that.

  2. Bogey and Bella are a little curious about them right now. Love to bark at them.