Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pray over your crop....

Pathetic Sun Jewel melon vine on the comeback trail.

I have written on forums before about this. As simple as this may seem, it works and so many times we forget to do it. God does listen.

The story goes, (true story) that I had a Sun Jewel melon that I had started from seed way back in late Feb-early March. When the threat of frost was gone I took this precious little melon vine out to the garden to plant. Well it didn't like it. It yellowed and looked all but dead. Everyday I went out to look at everything growing and I contemplated pulling it up but I kept figuring I would give it another day.

Robust, manly(Ugh...), good looking Sun Jewel melon as of 6/7/09.

Well, something changed. All of a sudden this plant started to green. Not only was it getting green, but flowering and growing. A week goes by and I have melons. Tiny little melons growing off of the vine. Amazing. To see this plant a month ago and then today is quite a little miracle that God, not Miracle Grow, could have done. (By the way, I don't use the stuff! Just 30 wt ball bearings, it's all about ball bearings these days!) Sad Fletch reference!(See clip below)

For a great laugh, view this youtube clip. Very funny!!

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