Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another near 100° day.....

Frying and egg outside with little effort!

How are you really supposed to garden, tie up tomatoes, rearrange vines (moving vines that have ignored no trespassing signs, encroaching onto other plants personal space, a big no no!), harvest veggies or any other fun stuff when it's this hot. The chickens will look at me crazy if I attempt to take the out in this heat today. (Talk about laying a boiled egg!) Even in the morning, trying to garden in 98% humidity is near impossible. And let me tell you, 78 degrees at 7:00am with 98% humidity feels like 90 degrees already. I guess that's life as a farmer. You can pick a lot of things in life, but one is not the weather.

USDA photo by: Tim McCabe

All I can say is I'm glad I'm not a conventional farmer having to spray pesticides in this heat. Besides all of the harmful stuff that it causes farmers and everyone else who eats his food, lives near him (including animals), having to put all of that gear on in this heat. Uh... If the pesticides didn't kill you, you'd probably die of a heat stroke.

Excerpt of the day, tying in to yesterday blog, just a little bit:

"U.S. pesticide law allows pesticide manufacturers to not disclose the identity of so-called “inert” ingredients. To this day and despite the fact that over 100 million acres of cropland are treated every year with glyphosate-based herbicides, independent scientists cannot obtain information on exactly what is in these herbicides. Lacking such information, scientists have one hand tied behind their backs."

Article - "The Organic Factor", from "Organic Processor Magazine"

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