Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nicole's Fried Pink Tomato, Basil Ricotta, Southern Grit Cake, and Lemon Zucchini Stack...

Ok, please keep in mind, I'm terrible at following recipes and even worse at writing them.  I'm a farmer and a foodie, so I use recipes more for inspiration than a rule.  Please feel free to treat the following the same...

Fried Pink Tomato, Basil Ricotta, Grit Cake and Lemon Zucchini Stack

Fried Pink Tomatoes - The only real suggestion here is to use green tomatoes that are just turning pink.  The flavor is so much better than entirely green tomatoes, yet they still hold together when fried.  Slice tomatoes 1/2 inch thick.  I pre-soak the tomato slices in an egg and sour cream mixture prior to coating with the flour mixture.  I use a 50/50 combination of flour and corn meal and a cajun blend for seasoning.    While tomatoes are frying, make the ricotta mixture.

Basil Ricotta - 2 cups of ricotta and 12 basil leaves (chiffonade), mix together with salt and pepper to taste.  Cut recipe in half for a smaller batch.  Hold in fridge until stack is assembled.

Grit Cake - You can use leftover grits from b'fast, or make a batch a couple hours prior to making cakes.  Spread grits (I make mine with cheese) onto a sheet pan and let cool in the fridge.  Slice through sheet of grits with a knife in order to create squares the same size as the fried tomatoes.  Brown both sides of grit cake in a thin layer of oil.  I prefer to use a ghee/coconut oil mixture.  While grit cakes are browning, make lemon zucchini.

Lemon Zucchini - Use a mandolin or peeler with a julienne blade to shave the flesh off of two medium zucchinis.  The result will be spaghetti like ribbons of zucchini.  Add the juice of half a lemon, or a 1 T of lemon extract  (easy to make with lemon peel and organic vodka).  Season with salt and pepper. 

Stack ingredients in order of recipe.  Feel free to sub out zucchini for cucumber, and grits for leftover risotto.  

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