Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CCM or More Like Crop Stock 2011....

Wow. What a day. Who would have thought a day in January would have been so beautiful and warm? God is good! The turnout was much better than expected. With nearly 140 people showing up, we were able to move mountains.

Leading up to this momentous occasion, there were so many details to plan. We had to get compost delivered, pray for wood chips to be delivered (called every tree company in the book for the longest time and couldn’t get a delivery), get all of the wood and supplies for herb boxes and chicken tractors, ask Phil Aud & band to play some live music, and recruit volunteers to prepare enough food to feed everyone. Most of the details finally wrapped up around 10 pm the night before.

The day of the event was just a blur trying to move tables around and tidy up any details that could have been missed from the night before. At 9 am, a few cars started to trickle in and then at ten after, the flood gates opened. Folks were unloading tools, putting on their gloves and shoes, and ready to participate. The smiles on people’s faces said it all.

After we divided up the teams it was much like an ant march. Everyone was doing something to contribute and it was just a beautiful site. So many people took their Saturday and gave it to this event. It was emotionally overwhelming. So much love and excitement, it was such a blessing to this ministry.


• 3 Chicken Tractors got built, custom jobs to say the least. (Thanks to Gene Larson and his team of skilled craftsmen! What a wonderful job, and it puts the one I built to shame.)

• Our vineyard was completed. The trellises were put up and vines were strung and pruned. (Thanks to my good friend and board member Brent Anderson and his team for a brilliant job. Also, thanks to my good friend Mick Wilson for doing the pruning of the grapes/roots and stringing them up. They look beautiful.)

• Our herb garden was completed, thanks to Ian Giusto and his team for an extraordinary job. This will be the first thing people see coming into the farm and it looks great!

• The lunch team cooked some amazing dishes and then left to cook up more after seeing such a large turnout. A special thanks to Linda Perryman, Michelle Simpson, Martha Donnelly, Brooke Sorenson, Kevin MitchellMark Anthony, my beautiful wife Nicole, and many more that brought food for the event.

• Our fields were either refreshed or ground up jobs to varying degrees.

o Field 1 was refreshed and cleaned up. Lead by Ron Hess, the field one team did an amazing job making it look beautiful!


    o Field 2 was re-tilled, refreshed with compost and mulched lead by my good friend and board member Mark Hess and team. What an outstanding job!


o Field 3 was topped with compost and mulched. The field three team, lead by Tim and Nicole Coleman, did an excellent job. It was amazing looking over and seeing how fast it took shape.

 o Field 4 started from the ground up and took the longest.  I want to thank my team for all of the pain staking wheel barrow loads of compost and mulch, the bending over, and working on your knees to shape the rows.  This was a tough job and we did it. They don’t call farming back breaking for nothing.

  o The potato crates got filed up.  This was in large part to the children. We tapped into their extra energy and they did a fine job.  They really worked hard.

• Last but not least, pictures and videos were taken. We had four wonderful people either taking video or pictures of the event and they all rocked. Thanks to Roger and Jean Shealy, Sara Anthony, April Anderson and Jeff Heard for capturing the CCM event in very special ways.

With all of that and a couple of days to recover, we can get to planting!  Thanks again to the many that made this happen.

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  1. Scott & Nicole,

    We had an awesome time. Great event all the way around. Thanks for all you do.