Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our First Field Trip and Making The Connection With Those In Need....

Well, we did it. We had our first field trip at 180. What a great day! Trinity Fellowship's Summer Camp had there field trip at the farm last week amidst clear skies and the early morning heat. The kids arrived and there seemed to be an excitement as they got off the bus. Most were looking for the animals and just overall curious of this thing called a farm.

Walking toward the chicken paddock, the children were amazed at the greeting they received by the chickens. They were all circled around the front part of the fence, hoping the kids had something good to eat. We let the kids get into the paddock and throw scratch on the ground, check for eggs and watch the chickens forage for left over scratch, bugs, and grass. I think the kids were intriged that our eggs came in so many different shades of brown. The kids got to see Maddux and the important role he plays in protecting our flock. 

The children headed over to the turkey and sheep paddock. They were able to feed the sheep some fresh cut kudzu and learn about what the purpose is for both animals. We also talked about the role the guineas play in tick extermination and how that helps keep the ticks off of us, Maddux and the sheep.

The kids headed to the garden for some tomato tastings. We talk to them about the variety of vegetables and fruits that we grow and that we don't use any pesticides on our crops. Nicole picked some fresh Cuban Yellow grape tomatoes for them to try. What is so cool is watching someone take that first bite and have that look of surprise on there face. Yes, that is what a tomato should taste like. Of course, they kept coming back for more and more.

The idea of reaching young minds at an early age and sharing the importance of the food we put in our bodies was priceless. I believe the key to stopping bad food habits begins at an early age. If children understand that eating corn syrup made candies, salty snacks, and processed foods will eventually make you sick, they may make better decisions about what they eat. What's better for your body than foods grown naturally, without the baggage as God intended.

Connecting With Those In Need....

Recently, Nicole and I meet Pastor Tim Coleman and his wife Nicole. Tim is the pastor of Browns Mill Church in downtown Newnan. Tim and his wife, along with many volunteers, go out every Tuesday morning in areas of Newnan that have been hit hard by the economy. Many of these folks live in poverished conditions. Tim and crew go door to door with donated food, sharing the love of Jesus, and praying with folks that many would overlook.

We have been blessed that we are able to contribute to the food they hand out. This is food that doesn't sit around on a shelf or in a refrigerator waiting to be handed out before it rots or goes bad. The highest of quality food that we believe everyone should have access to, though most don't. Many of these folks don't even have transportation to get to a food bank to get food, much less a decent grocery store close by. What they do have are convenience stores that sell processed and over processed foods that just contribute to health problems to boot.

What Pastor Tim and his volunteers are doing is exactly what Jesus would want us to do. This is a grass roots effort, a road nearly no one travels, that should define us as who we are. Or maybe, who we aren't. Many of us are convenient Christians. Christians that take the easy road, the road that requires as little as possible from us. After all, we are busy people. I've been in that boat, sometimes still am.

God calls us to love our neighbor. That maybe the hardest thing to do. I know that has been my biggest struggle. Yet, Pastor Tim and his volunteers head out every Tuesday morning to love thy neighbor in what some may consider rough areas of town. They aren't just saying it, they are acting upon it.

Pastor Brent Anderson - he didn't just talk about how nice it would be to have a community garden like "Sow Good", he did it. This man did it with faith, prayer and no experience. Yet he still had something to give that grew in the "Sow Good" field because he had faith and loved thy neighbor.

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  1. Giving comes back later as unexpected blessings.