Friday, April 30, 2010

Why It's Worth The Money....

I was on Facebook the other day and saw a CURE posting on my wall. It said that the leading cause of death in children is now cancer. Cancer. That horrible, nearly forbidden word that rumbles through our house from time to time when we have to take Mason for scans at Scottish Rite. I hate that word. I hate cancer. I hate to see what it does to perfectly healthy children and adults. It destroys families and too many lives.

How does cancer happen? It starts off as a regular cell and somehow goes wrong. It may split or merge with other cells abnormally and eventually creates a tumor. Once the tumor can't sustain itself, the cancer cells release a protein called MMP. This protein breaks through the tumor membrane and then the cancer is free to go throughout the body. It has the potential to attach to anything and create havoc.

Nicole and I were at the table one night having a discussion and she said to me, "It is not if someone gets cancer, it's when." Those words rung loud in my head. I thought about that quite a bit. But why now has it gotten so much worse? Why are so many people getting cancer today than 60 years ago?

Around the mid-1940's, synthetic pesticides were being manufactured in large amounts and their use became widespread. Industrial workers were also being exposed to solvents, greases and other chemicals in larger amounts. According to the Global Healing Center, "Since 1950, the overall cancer incidence has increased by 44 percent; the incidence of breast cancer and male colon cancer by about 60 percent; testis, prostate and kidney by 100 percent; and other cancers, such as malignant melanoma, multiple myeloma and some lymphomas, by over 100 percent."

Cancer or at least the majority of cancers are caused from chemicals. Chemicals that get consumed absorbed through the skin or inhaled. It has to do with inputs into our bodies. Chemicals that we should have been warned more about before being exposed. Chemicals the government should of researched more before allowing industrial workers, farmers and children of such, to be exposed to. Chemicals that we now consume daily without the slightest clue. Chemicals absorbed into the food we feed out kids and our spouses.

Not knowing the source of our food doesn't look that appealing anymore. Going to the grocery store and buying a cart full of food seems like a risky proposition, now more than ever. How important is it today to know who produces your food? Is it worth the additional cost to buy from an organic source? Is your child, your wife or your husband worth it? Is it now worth the effort to grow a garden at home? I know what the answer is for my family.

God has a purpose for every man, woman and child. His intention for our lives doesn't include dying prematurely. God has given us free will, which we have been for the most part as a human race, irresponsible with. I believe God has given us the tools to solve problems naturally; we just have to take the time and re-learn what our great, great grandparents already knew. Maybe then we can lower the occurance of disease and bad health in this nation.


  1. Great post, Scott. I agree with Nicole on the when not if thing... We've been reading here too, of course, and there are still holes to fill in. But I wonder if the chemicals damage or destroy the immune system and prevent it from attacking the forming cancer cells. Many of the oncologists that we have worked with with James have said that at any given point in time we can all have cancer cells (rogue cells, they sometimes call them) floating around in our body and our immune system needs to decide if it should attack or not. Interestly, this seems to be the other side of autoimmune issues.. and those are very much on the rise, as well.

  2. Your right. The sad thing is, I could write for days on end about all of the consequences of consuming chemicals and all of the different diseases associated with them. Not to mention what it does to the immune system. The list goes on for miles.