Sunday, February 7, 2010

Eggmobile Progress & More....

The chicks will outgrow their brooder house soon - in fact some of them are half flying, half jumping on to the top of the feeders. Even though Saturday was just plain nasty (37 degrees, windy and misty), Scott and Chandler (our Cuz!) ventured out and started gutting the Airstream.  

All major structures, except for one bench, have been removed from the interior.  Next weekend we'll tackle the rest and try to figure out how the old floor will come out and the new floor will go in. 

Meanwhile, we thought we would share some recent pictures of the chicks and ducks.  They are so much fun to have.  The whole family enjoys spending time watching them interact with each other.  Camron was a real champ Sunday morning and helped me clean out their bedding so we could fill it with fresh pine shavings.  We emptied three wheel barrels full of soiled shavings into the compost pile.

Later Sunday, Scott and I worked in the garden to see what didn't make it through the freezing temperatures over the last month. We were pleasantly surprised to see the cabbage, kale, arugula, broccoli, brussel sprouts, mustard greens and even a whole bed of lettuce made it through. Even the Swiss Chard is starting to come back after I had cut it down to a stub a month ago. It's nice to see so much green after the gloomy, rainy, cold weather we've had for so long.

Coming up...Starting seeds for our spring crops, the Georgia Organics Conference in Athens, Livestock Dogs and more....


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