Friday, November 6, 2009

A Hearing Is Finally Scheduled....

Twin oaks overlooking the lake.
I just got word from the Coweta Planning and Zoning Dept. that we have a hearing set for the 10th of December. (YEAH!!!!!) It is a little further out than I expected, but it is finally here none the less.

Future stomping ground for our chickens!

We have several wooded areas like this one that will be pig central.

This will enable us to finally get things going on the farm!! Please keep us in your prayers during this time that there will be no conflict with our neighbors and everything will go through.


"There are no great men, only great challenges that ordinary men are forced by circumstances to meet."
~William F. Halsey

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  1. Guys, I can't wait. Very excited for you. The time will go by quick. BTW, nice pictures of the farm (future farm!)