Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just Got Incorporated / Candling Class Coming Up.....

Just last week we were finally incorporated as a non-profit business. It will be called 180 degree farm. It is definitely a process. So much stuff to take into account and seemingly no time to do it. We are in the "beginning stages" of fund -raiser planning. Not sure yet how it will happen, but we will need to raise some serious capital. If anyone has ideas, I would love to hear about them?

I will be headed down to Macon very soon to take the state required candling class so I can be certified to sell graded eggs. Just another step in the process. But having that licence keeps us legal and we certainly want to be legal!

I will be soon participating in the Georgia Organics mentoring program. They place new farmers with farmers that are doing similar things so that you can see other, maybe better ways of doing them. Like I always say, you can't learn enough and someone is always doing it better.

Lastly, the state of Georgia has decided to jump into the regulating of chicken processing. Not sure yet what their role will be, but depending on how much lobbying is occurring from the big corporations, it could be bad for small farmers. See, it used to just be a federally regulated thing. You would contact your local USDA official and they would inspect your facility and let you know if it is approved for under 20,000 birds a year.

Now, Georgia wants to set their own rules for processing above and beyond that of the USDA. I smell potential trouble. We will see.

"Things may come to those who wait, but only things left by those who hustle."
~Abraham Lincoln


  1. Georgia needs to help small farmers, not hender them. I really hope that is not the case. Glad to hear form you. We know your busy but we keep checking on this blog to see what is happening. Keep it up when you have time.


  2. Nice logo. Nice name. Nice everything! Hurry up already and get open!


  3. Your blog gives me hope that it can be done. Ill give you credit, you are perseverant (had to look it up). I dont know if I would have the patients to deal with all of the government crap.

    What is up with the comment part. I can't log in to post. I have to do it anonymously. That stinks.