Monday, August 17, 2009

Nicole Was At It Again....

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Nicole and I went out late Friday afternoon to the garden. I knew we had an abundance of peppers, but I was surprised to see nearly 7 pounds in my bag by the time we finished picking. I had been a little slack with my pepper picking over the last couple of weeks. Really, I wanted the Paprika's to redden', but I had even the cayenne's changing color, too.

So what to do with all of those peppers? Well, Nicole had mentioned that she wanted to make a pepper chutney with the hot and mild peppers. So Saturday she started roasting and peeling, making what I thought was the heavenliest tasting chutney I've ever tasted. And let me tell you, it's for adults only, because it is spicy! Great job, babe!

Well, besides the wonderful job she did on the chutney, she did a nice job on her hand. My wife handled and peeled cayenne peppers, several of them, without wearing gloves. Nicole's poor hands were burning all night. She tried everything to sooth the pain. Milk, aloe, numbing cream, cold water, neosporin with pain killer! You name it, she probably tried it. I could tell by the smell of the cooked peppers that they were hot. Nicole is now qualified to go around to local high schools speaking about proper glove safety when handling peppers. Yuk Yuk Yuk!!!


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